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Parents of newborns, toddlers and preschoolers can be prepared for their critical role as their children's first teacher by familiarizing themselves with the SIX PRE-READING SKILLS.

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Help your child get ready to read by talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. These activities help to develop pre-reading skills. Click on each skill for more information about activities and books that develop that skill.

Print Awareness (How Books Work)

Print Motivation (Love Books & Reading)

Phonological Awareness (Play With Sounds)

Vocabulary (Learn New Words)

Narrative Skills (Tell Stories)

Letter Knowledge (Letters Make Up Words)

Learning databases and eBooks for preschoolers

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Sesame Street eBook collection

Miss Humblebee's Academy
Miss Humblebee's Academy


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storyblock screenshotWatch video songs and rhymes that build readers including the words and literacy tips from StoryBlocks. Songs and rhymes are also running continuously on the Rocky Mountain PBS Site.

Money from Linda's memorial contributed to the production of these video clips. Linda was a former Westminster Public Library youth services associate who loved doing early literacy story times.


Recommended books for adults:

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